Our Mission statement and vision

Vision statement

“At Darul Arqum Nursery every child, family and member of staff matters. We strive to work in partnership to provide a nurturing, inclusive and safe learning environment to enable children to reach their full potential through meaningful, challenging and active learning experiences.“

Aims To achieve our Vision we aim to:


· To establish and value positive relationships with children and their families

· To provide high quality education and care to ensure that all children are healthy, safe, enjoy and achieve and make a positive contribution

· To deliver the Early Years Foundation stage through providing a curriculum and quality teaching which develops the children’s skills and understanding, stimulates their curiosity and creativity and develops them as independent learners

· Always seek to innovate and improve our practice to best challenge and extend children’s learning by providing personalised learning experiences to extend children’s interests

· To make provision for children with special educational needs in accordance with the SEND code of practice

· To provide relevant support and opportunities for children with 2 year old funding and EYPP Funding

· Celebrate success and reward efforts and achievements

· Develop children’s self-esteem, independence and resilience, whilst encouraging them to support others, develop friendships through social interaction

· Maintain high standards of behaviour through good modelling, clear expectations and mutual respect, by adhering to our Behaviour Policy.

· At Darul Arqum Nursery we promote the universal values of democracy, the rules of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths, cultures or beliefs. We believe for our very young children this means learning right from wrong, learning to take turns and share: and challenging negative views and stereotypes.

· To instil a sense of pride and confidence in their religious and cultural heritage at early years stage, empowering them to interact with confidence, learning and sharing views and ideas as well as respecting others from different backgrounds and faiths

· To provide equality of opportunity through all aspects of our policy and practice

· Maintain our commitment to safeguarding and protecting the welfare of all our children


· We aim to provide supportive induction procedures and routines. We aim to build close relationship with parents through continuous communication, through personal daily reports, meetings, newsletters, letters, messages.

· Work closely with external agencies and families to meet the needs of children that require any extra support

· Work in partnership with parents and carers, sharing their child’s learning journey and encouraging support and involvement from parents


· Ensure all staff have access to high quality on-going professional development opportunities

· Ensure Management team continuously reflect on practice and provision in order to promote self-evaluation and improvement.


· To continue to work in collaboration with our governing body, to ensure that services provided match the needs of the families and community.

· Participate in and contribute to events and local initiatives to enhance children’s awareness of the communities to which they belong

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